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News Report

Personal safety


Face coverings

The Winter 2020/21 season is due to start in under a week.  Under the circumstances, it will be a very different season from usual.

However, to support clubs at this difficult time, and to provide competitive snooker for all of our players, we hope that as many teams as possible will take part.

One issue that concerns many players is the wearing of face coverings.  We would like to allay any fears that players may have.

The law requires that you wear a face covering when playing snooker, unless you feel that it would negatively impact on your ability to play.  In this respect, it is your decision as to whether or not you wear a face covering when playing your frame.

The only exception is if the host club's own rule is that players must wear face coverings when playing.  If wearing a face covering concerns you, please check with the host club as to what is its position on this.


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