Hull & East Riding Snooker League

69.  In exceptional circumstances, it is acceptable for a Team to seek to rearrange a fixture to be played on a different day during the same week, without penalty.  This is subject to the agreement of the Team’s opponent.

70.  Where a Team wishes to postpone a match to a later week, the Captain must inform the opponent’s Captain and the Divisional Controller, giving at least 24 hours’ notice.

71.  Where a Team requests the postponement of a match to a later week, it will have 4 League points automatically deducted.  For each subsequent postponement that the same Team requests in a season, the penalty will increase by 2 League points, with no maximum limit.

72.  Postponed matches must be rearranged within 7 days of the postponement and must be played within 30 days of the original date, and the Divisional Controller informed.  The onus to rearrange the match rests with both Captains.  Neutral venues can be used.

73.  All rearranged matches must be played prior to the Monday of the final scheduled week of the regular League season.

74.  Should any team fail to cooperate in rearranging the match within 7 days of the postponement, the Divisional Controller must be informed for a ruling to be made.

75.  Should a postponed match not be played at all, the offending team will receive no League points for the fixture and will be disqualified from competing in the Top 4 Play-offs.  The other team will receive average home or away League points, subject to a minimum of 8, calculated when half or all matches have been played.

76.  No awards other than average points can be given and in no circumstances can both teams be awarded points for a postponed match.


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