Hull & East Riding Snooker League

Normal League rules numbered as per the list below do not apply during the Winter 2020/21 season.  Instead, the normal League rule is replaced by the text below.

Note that in the normal League rules, references to divisions and Divisional Controllers do not apply.  Teams will be in randomly selected groups, managed by Group Controllers.

4.  There will be no promotion or relegation this season.

5.  There will be no promotion or relegation this season.

6.  For the purposes of qualification for the end-of-season play-off competition, we will rank teams using win percentage, based on frames played.  You can see win percentage statistics by clicking on the Team Stats heading when viewing the league table.

53.  If a team has fewer than 4 players due to COVID-19 related issues, the match can proceed.

55.  Both Captains (or their representatives) must record their full playing team in playing order.  They must clearly identify any reserves against a nominated player.  Captains must exchange these details prior to commencement of the match.  Once exchanged, no changes can be made.

57.  The Captain of the home Team (or their representative) no longer has the preference for fixing his team or re-arranging the playing order of tables yet to be played.  This is suspended for Winter 2020/21.  See temporary rule 55 above.

71.  There will be no penalty for a Team that requests the postponement of a match to a later week.

72.  There is no requirement to rearrange postponed matches within 7 days and play them within 30 days.  We simply ask that, if possible, teams rearrange fixtures wherever and whenever they can.


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