Hull & East Riding Snooker League

9.  The League Committee will manage the League.  The Committee will comprise a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and Divisional Controllers.  Members of the Committee must be registered players in the League.

10.  Members of the Committee will continue in post until they choose to resign, unless the Committee receives and passes a proposal for their removal.

11.  Members of the Committee will receive reimbursements as approved by the Committee.  Details are available to any registered player on request.

12.  Committee meetings take place monthly throughout the year.  The Committee will call Captains’ meetings as necessary.

13.  Any registered player can apply to join the Committee by contacting the League Secretary, in writing, confirming their interest.

14.  Any registered player can send proposals for changes to these rules, or for any other issues relating to the League, to the League Secretary, in writing, for discussion by the Committee.  The Committee will implement at an appropriate time any proposals that it passes.

15.  The Committee will deal with any contingency arising which is not covered in these rules and its decision will be final.


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