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News Report

Amendments to League rules


Additional changes to be aware of

The HERSL Committee has reviewed and updated the League's rules.  Please find below a summary of key changes of which you should be aware.  These do not directly affect match nights as we have published a separate item summarising these.

For full details of all rule changes, you can view the rules using the League Rules menu above or, should you want a full copy of the rules, you can find them on the Documents menu.

  • From the third week of the season, where captains wish to make late amendments to their player registrations, we must receive payment of the £2 fee before the player can play.  Any captain that wishes to pay using online banking should send evidence of payment with their player registration request if they want to ensure that the player can play immediately.
  • Whilst new teams must start in the lowest division, it does not seem appropriate for teams that return to the League after missing one or more seasons to have to automatically start again from the lowest division.  Consequently, we have implemented a new rule that applies a different approach for placing returning teams in an appropriate division.
  • Should both captains sign a match result card that is incomplete or incorrectly completed, both teams may each be liable to incur a penalty of two League points.  We have removed the different penalty values for home and away teams to reflect the joint responsibility of both captains to ensure that the result card is correct.
  • A rearranged date for a postponed match no longer needs to be agreed within 7 days of the original date.  The match must simply be played within 30 days of the original date.  However, the Divisional Controller must still be kept informed of the arrangements as they are made.
  • We have clarified how we will calculate average points in the event that a postponed fixture is not played at all.
  • We have clarified that major trophy winners that damage or lose trophies will now be liable to pay for a replacement.

This list of rule changes is not exhaustive and you should refer to the summary of rule changes, available on the League Rules menu, to see them all.  Note that we have made some cosmetic changes to the wording of some rules without altering their substance.

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