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Calculating doubles' handicaps


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Since re-handicapping can occur during a phase of the Doubles competition, we can no longer record handicaps on the competition sheet that we send to captains as they may change following re-handicapping.  This means that pairs need to calculate their own handicap.

To do this, each pair needs to find the mean average of their two individual handicaps by adding them together, dividing the result by 2 and rounding up to a whole number if necessary.

Below is an example that you may find useful.

Remember that each pair's calculated handicap is recorded on the scoreboard at the commencement of each frame.


A and B are drawn to play C and D. The individual handicaps are:

A:  -15
B:  25

C:  5
D:  20

To find the mean average of the two players' handicaps, add them together and divide the sum by 2.

Adding handicaps together for A and B (-15 + 25) gives 10. Divide by 2 to give a net handicap of 5.

Adding handicaps together for C and D (5 + 20) gives 25. Divide by 2 to give a net handicap of 13 (rounded up from 12½).

A and B start on 5 and C and D start on 13.


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