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News Report

Important match night rule change


To take effect from the start of the Summer 2023 season

During the COVID-19 disrupted Winter 2020/21 season, we changed the way in which captains declared their match night line-ups.  This involved exchanging their teams and playing order prior to the start of the match.

However, feedback from the Captains' Questionnaire that we issued in Summer 2022 indicated that there was a majority in favour of reverting back to the pre-COVID-19 rule.  To check that this was still the collective view, we held a vote at the Summer 2023 Captains' meeting.  By an overwhelming majority, Captains once again confirmed their wish to change the rule.

Consequently, from the start of the Summer 2023 season, we have changed rule 57 of the League Matches section of the HERSL Rules to read:

The Captain of the away Team (or their representative) must first record their full playing team in playing order.  The Captain of the home Team (or their representative) then has the preference for fixing his/her team.  At any point during the match, the home Captain can arrange or re-arrange the playing order of tables yet to be played.  Where either Captain identifies any reserves, they must be against a nominated player.

Please ensure that you adhere to this rule.

Note that Team Knockout and Top 4 Play-off matches are unaffected by this rule change.

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