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News Report

Match night rule changes


To take effect from the start of the Winter 2021/22 season

In preparation for the Winter 2021/22 season, the HERSL Committee has reviewed and updated the League's rules.  Please find below a summary of the changes that affect match nights.

  • On arrival, captains will now record their full playing team in playing order for all matches, clearly identifying any reserves against nominated players.  Captains must then exchange their playing orders prior to commencement of the match.
  • Players will now always play off their current handicap at the time of the match.  This includes rearranged postponements where, previously, handicaps from the time of the originally scheduled match were used.
  • The maximum start that any player will receive in a League or Top 4 Play-off match is now 50 points, and maximum and minimum handicaps have been amended to +50 and -50 respectively.
  • Where both teams play with fewer than six players, no aggregate will apply.  This means that only teams that have six players present can be awarded aggregate points.  Players present at the venue that have no opponent will continue to be awarded the two points for the table win.  This does not apply to Team Knockout matches, where both teams must have six players.
  • Breaks of 30 or more must be recorded for all team matches now, and the highest break award at the end of the season will now take into account Team Knockout and Top 4 Play-off matches as well as League fixtures.
  • At the end of the match, once captains have checked and signed the results card, they should send it directly to their Divisional Controller (or the Competition Secretary for Team Knockout matches), to arrive within 24 hours of the end of the match.  This helps to ensure that the website is kept as up to date as possible and enables any queries to be dealt with more promptly.  Hopefully, it will also prevent captains from forgetting to send them if they do it straight away.
  • Also, remember that all singles and doubles competitions are now the best of three frames (except for the Singles 1 Frame Handicap and the final of the Singles Scratch).

Should you have any comments on the changes to the rules, please let us know by clicking Contact Us above and completing the form.

A reminder that any registered League player can send proposals for changes to the rules, or for any other issues relating to the League, to the League Secretary, in writing, for discussion by the Committee. The Committee will implement any proposals that it passes at an appropriate time.

You can view the rules using the Rules menu above.  Should you want a full copy of the rules, you can find them on the Documents menu.

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