Hull & East Riding Snooker League

113.  Where the League awards individual trophies to members of a Team on the basis of the Team’s performance in their Division or the Top 4 Play-offs, registered League players must play in at least three League fixtures to qualify for such a trophy.

114.  All major and individual trophies must be collected at the Presentation night.  Individual trophies not collected will be forfeited to League supplies.

115.  All major trophy winners are responsible for the safe keeping of the trophy whilst it in their possession.  They must return trophy via their Divisional Controller at least one month prior to the respective season’s Presentation Night.

116.  Should a major trophy winner damage or lose a trophy for which they are responsible, they will be liable to pay for a replacement trophy of similar composition and cost.

117.  The Player of the Year will be awarded to the player with the highest rating over the course of the League season.  A player’s rating is calculated by the total table points they contribute to their Team (as per rule 56) as a percentage of the total table points available for frames in which they played.  To qualify for the Player of the Year, a player must have played in at least 60% of scheduled League fixtures.  No other matches shall count towards the Player of the Year.


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