Hull & East Riding Snooker League


109.  Doubles Competitions are played using handicaps.  All rounds are the best of three frames.  Each pair’s average handicap is recorded on the scoreboard once, at the commencement of each frame.  The average is calculated by adding together the two handicaps and dividing this value by 2, rounding up to the nearest whole number if necessary.

110.  The toss of a coin will decide which pair breaks off first and the break must alternate between the two pairs for each frame during the match.  Players play off their handicap current at the time of the match.  The home drawn player or players play from the club they are registered with.

111.  The order in which players play must not change during a frame, but either pair may change its order of play at the start of a new frame.

112.  Should a pair play out of order, this will be deemed a foul and will incur a penalty equal to the value of the ball on.  Any points scored during the visit will not count and the correct player in the opposing pair shall continue play from the point at which the foul was declared and normal snooker rules will apply (e.g. should the player be snookered, they may claim a free ball or ask the player that did not play out of order from the offending pair return to the table).


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