Hull & East Riding Snooker League

General information

1.  The League is called “The Hull and East Riding Snooker League” and is open to clubs in Hull and the East Riding within an approximate 20-mile radius of Hull city centre.

2.  The League’s website is  It contains all information relating to the League including, but not limited to, teams, players, fixtures, results, league tables and competitions.

3.  The League consists of two seasons per annum.  The Winter season will commence on or around the second Monday in September.  The Summer season will commence on or around the third Monday in March.

4.  The Winter season and the Summer season are separate entities.  Any promotion or relegation at the end of the Winter season will take effect at the start of the next Winter season and, similarly, for the Summer season.

5.  Promotion and relegation will normally take place on a 2 up, 2 down basis, based on League positions at the end of a season.  However, where the divisional structure changes in the subsequent season, it may not be possible to apply all promotions and relegations.

6.  In the event of Teams finishing a season with the same number of League points, League positions will be decided on the number of tables won over the season, then the number of matches won over the season, then on the head-to-head League performance between the affected Teams during the season.  Should this not successfully separate the Teams, the Committee will arrange a deciding match at a neutral venue.

7.  The foul and a miss rule will be applied only by qualified referees.

8.  All finals will be played at a neutral venue selected from those clubs participating in the respective season.


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