Hull & East Riding Snooker League

League matches

55.  A minimum of 4 players shall constitute a team for the purposes of playing a League fixture.

56.  Teams score two points per table win, one point per table draw and no points per table defeat.  Where a player wins a table by 40 or more points, they are awarded one bonus point, added to the Team’s score.  The team with the higher aggregate frame points (‘the aggregate’) scores an additional two points.

57.  The Captain of the away Team (or their representative) must first record their full playing team in playing order.  The Captain of the home Team (or their representative) then has the preference for fixing his/her team.  At any point during the match, the home Captain can arrange or re-arrange the playing order of tables yet to be played.  Where either Captain identifies any reserves, they must be against a nominated player.

58.  The away Team’s players have the choice of break.

59.  Players play off their handicap current at the time of the match.

60.  Where one Team plays with fewer than 6 players, it will forfeit to its opponents the two points for each table not played and the two points for the aggregate.  This must be marked on the result card.

61.  Where both Teams play with fewer than 6 players, no points will be scored for any tables that have no participants.  Where a player present at the venue has no opponent, it will be awarded the two points for the table.  This must be marked on the result card.  No points will be awarded for the aggregate.

62.  The Captain of the home Team is responsible for arranging the marking of each table.  The marker is responsible only for re-spotting balls and marking the frame score.

63.  Players must adhere to normal snooker rules, including the claiming of a free ball.  Where a player fails to clearly indicate to an opponent (or the Referee, if applicable) which ball they are nominating as a free ball, they will incur a penalty of 7 points.

64.  Match result cards must be fully and accurately completed, including bonus points awarded due to the margin of victory (see rule 56).  Cards must be signed by both Captains and should be retained in case of a later query.

65.  Divisional Controllers must receive League match result cards within 24 hours of the end of the match.  Captains can send a photograph or scanned copy by text message or email.  Teams failing to comply could be penalised four League points for the first offence, six points for the second offence and eight points for all subsequent offences.

66.  Where a match result card is incomplete or incorrectly completed and is signed by both Captains, both Teams may each be liable to incur a penalty of two League points.

67.  Teams failing to send result cards will be dealt with by the Committee.

68.  Should any Team be found to have any involvement in falsifying a result card, this will result in the Committee taking disciplinary action.

69.  The home Team Captain is responsible for the spectators during the games played on their tables.  Each Captain is responsible for their respective team members’ and supporters’ conduct.

70.  Any player or players affiliated to the League that use any form of discrimination because of age, gender reassignment, being pregnant, disability, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, or causes an affray or brings the League into disrepute will be dealt with severely by the Committee.

71.  All players should ensure that their phones do not distract players during matches.


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