Hull & East Riding Snooker League


38.  All Captains should seek to ensure that the balls that they use in all matches satisfy the approved W.P.B.S.A. specification.  If the home Team provides balls that do not satisfy the approved W.P.B.S.A. specification, the home Captain must notify the away Captain.  No undersized or underweight white balls are allowed to be used under any circumstances.  Any failure to comply with these requirements could result in the offending team forfeiting all League points scored in the match concerned.

39.  Teams normally play each of the other Teams in their Division twice in a League season, once at home and once away from home.

40.  Team matches at venues with only one table will commence no later than 7.15pm.  Otherwise, Team matches will commence no later than 8.00pm, unless the two Teams agree an alternative start time.

41.  The Committee may take disciplinary action against any Team that, through its own actions, fails to complete its full programme of League fixtures.  Any such Team will automatically be excluded from qualifying for the Top 4 Play-offs.

42.  All Team matches consist of 6 tables.  Captains must select up to 6 players from their squad to participate in each Team match and each selected player will play one table.

43.  Teams must comply with individual Club rules where additional restrictions apply, such as where players under 14 years of age or female players are not allowed.

44.  Should a Team field a player that is not registered to it at the time of the match, the unregistered player’s table points shall be awarded to its opponents, as well as the points for the aggregate, and the offence shall be dealt with by the Committee.

45.  Should a player play off an incorrect handicap and gain an advantage as a result, the offending player’s Team will forfeit the player’s table points, as well as the points for the aggregate.

46.  There must be no unnecessary waiting between frames.  At venues with two tables, the fifth frame must start on the first available table.  However, should either Captain request it, the commencement of the final frame can be delayed until the first five frames are completed, in order that the full aggregate score is known.

47.  Where a player fouls, it is the opposing player’s responsibility to claim the foul.  Players should be mindful of normal snooker etiquette and declare known fouls to their opponent.  In the event of a dispute, the Team Captains (or their nominated representatives) must decide.

48.  A player is deemed to have conceded the frame where balls remain on the table and the player chooses not to take its next shot.

49.  Conceding a frame is not acceptable and will result in the offending player’s team automatically losing the 2 points for the match aggregate, unless it is the final frame of the match to finish, it is not realistically possible to win the frame and the aggregate will not be affected.

50.  Where a player breaks his/her cue (i.e. unscrews it or puts it away,) this is deemed to be conceding the frame.

51.  Should a player concede a frame, the value of points remaining on the table will be awarded to the non-offending player.  The result card must be marked “Frame conceded”.  The result of the frame will not be counted towards either player’s handicap.

52.  Where a player makes a break of 30 or above in any Team fixture (i.e. League, Top 4 Play-off or Team Knockout), this must be recorded on the result card.  Prizes will be awarded for the highest break in each Division as well as the player with the season’s highest break overall in Team snooker.

53.  Should a match have to be abandoned, the result of any tables played shall stand.  The remainder of the match must be rescheduled to be played within 30 days of the original date (subject to rule 77) and the Divisional Controller informed.  The onus to reschedule the remainder of the match rests with both Captains.  Neutral venues can be used.

54.  Any protests or disputes that cannot be resolved by the Captains must be lodged with the Divisional Controller or Competition Secretary in writing within seven days of the incident taking place.  Representatives will be able to put their case to the Committee.  Any decision made by the Committee will be final.


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