Hull & East Riding Snooker League

Team Knockout

96.  Team Knockout matches are scored using aggregate frame points only.  The winning Team is that with the higher aggregate score after the completion of six frames.

97.  Captains of participating Teams will be supplied with result cards at the start of the season.  Match result cards must be fully and accurately completed (note that in Team Knockout matches, bonus points need not be recorded).  Cards must be signed by both Captains and should be retained in case of a later query.

98.  The Competition Secretary must receive Team Knockout match result cards as soon as possible after the match is played and by the deadline date for the respective round.  The Captain of the winning Team is responsible for sending the result card.  They can send a photograph or scanned copy by email.

99.  Should any Team Knockout match end in a tie, it must be decided by playing an additional frame, unless Captains agree to decide the match by re-spotting the black in the final frame to finish.

100.  Both Captains (or their representatives) must record their full playing team in playing order.  They must clearly identify any reserves against a nominated player.  They must also star a nominated player to play a deciding frame in the event of a tie.  Captains must exchange these details prior to commencement of the match.  Once exchanged, no changes can be made.

101.  Should one Team declare fewer than six players, it will automatically forfeit the match.  Should both Teams declare fewer than six players, the match cannot proceed and both Teams will be eliminated, unless the match can be rearranged to take place before the deadline date for the respective round.

102.  Tables must be played in the recorded playing order.

103.  The choice of break in each frame will be decided by the toss of a coin.

104.  Players play off their handicap current at the time of the match.

105.  Should the Competition Secretary receive no result card by the deadline date, both Teams will be eliminated.


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