Hull & East Riding Snooker League

Top 4 Play-offs

81.  The top four teams in each Division qualify for the Top 4 Play-offs. Top 4 Play-off matches will be arranged by the Committee.  Top 4 Play-off semi-final matches will be determined by 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd.  The winners of each fixture will contest the Top 4 Play-off final at a neutral venue.

82.  Teams disqualified from the Top 4 Play-offs (see rule 79) are not replaced.

83.  Top 4 Play-off matches are scored using normal League scoring methodology (see rule 56).

84.  Should any Top 4 Play-off match end in a tie, it must be decided by playing an additional frame, unless Captains agree to decide the match by re-spotting the black in the final frame to finish.

85.  Both Captains (or their representatives) must record their full playing team in playing order.  They must clearly identify any reserves against a nominated player.  They must also star a nominated player to play a deciding frame in the event of a tie.  Captains must exchange these details prior to commencement of the match.  Once exchanged, no changes can be made.

86.  The choice of break in each frame will be decided by the toss of a coin.


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